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Foreign Company or Individual have following option to enter the US market
  1. Start a New Business in the USA
  2. Joint Venture with an American Company
  3. Acquiring an American Company
Start a New Business in the USA

Non-US Company can enter the US Market by creating its own branch or form a separate entity. Preferably, many companies form a separate entity, as creating a branch in the USA may subject the entire company’s operation to US Tax reporting, as well expose it to liability for actions of the US branch.

Typically, you may select from the following choices:
  1. Corporation:This is Classic Limited Liability Entity with its own governance structure and tax reporting requirements. There are two types of Corporation. S Corporation & C Corporation. C Corporation is preferable for Foreign Company & Individual.
  2. Limited Liability Company (LLC):This is a new American Entity Structure and it permits limited liability to its members (Who are the equivalent shareholders in a corporation) while enjoying the partnership feature of no taxation at the entity level. LLC is preferable for Foreign Company & Individual if their foreign entity is operated in Partnership.
Are you ready to incorporate the US Company?

Company Incorporation process is very simple and fastest in the United States. You just fill the required information in below form, we will fulfill your desire to own an American Company.

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